Introduction to geometry in space



Résumé, summary

This is a very useful program for students who are having the first contact with the discipline of 'Geometria Descritiva' (Geometry in Space). This program has a complete manual, with figures, introducing the discipline. Aftewards, the students can try by themselves exercises on the program, which has an exercise menu. This program shows a way of using computers in a discipline searching for a better method of teaching.

Discipline, subject :

géométrie descriptive Darstellende Geometrie descriptive geometry geometria descrittiva

Public :

postobligatoire Weiterführende Schulen upper high school postobligatorio

Contacts :

Carvahlo, Pedro

R. Liberdade, 128 - 1°

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

This program can be used by the teacher to introduce the discipline to the new students, who will be much more interested in the discipline from the beginning.

Apprentissage, learning :

The students can exercise by themselves improving their own skills about geometry, doing any type of exercise they can think of.

Enseignement, teaching :

The teacher can easily teach his/her students who will be much more interested and will learn faster and better.

Technique :

The program only works with a 'mouse' and a 'VGA' card (640x480 - 16 colours).

Société, society :

The students can associate in groups of two, for example, and exercise with the program together and in case of doubt they can teach one another.

Culture :

Their knowledge about geometry will be more solid, because when we practice something we can retain this knowledge for much longer.

Institution :

It's necessary to have a computer lab reserved, so the class can be taught there and the teacher needs to be able to help students with the computers.

Logistique :

The students need to be able to understand the Portuguese language.

Remarques, remarks :

This type of class helps the students to realise that the computer isn't only a game machine, but above all, a useful work tool that can be used in school.