Making Well-Balanced Menus



Résumé, summary

The well balanced meals help people develop a healthy body. The "Healthy Life" is a data-base software. The students input their meals of a day, and find out the balance of nutrition which is shown by a radar chart on the computer screen. Moreover, after inputting the student's age, height, and weight, he/she will learn the amount of nutrition which is necessary per day. Two students made a group and worked for making several well-balanced menus. They sometimes checked the necessary nutrition using the radar chart. At this time, the teacher encouraged each group to develop appropriate menus not only dealing with the amount of nutrition but including the taste of the family members. When the students learn the importance of taking well-balanced meals, their family also need to learn this importance. The teacher for this activity printed out some menus which were developed by the students, and asked the students to take these printouts to their home. Many parents reported that the printout helped them reconsider their daily meals.

Discipline, subject :

education physique Turnen und Sport physical education educazione fisica

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

People need to eat appropriate foods for their health. The students can learn what kinds of foods they should eat during this activity. The students can develop some well balanced menus using computers. Not only students but the teacher also can learn with the students.

Apprentissage, learning :

This activity is related to the students' daily life. Therefore, the students are interested in learning about the well-balanced food. This learning activity also helps teachers and parents to consider their daily nutrition.

Enseignement, teaching :

The teacher may show some examples of the well-balanced dishes. For this activity, the teacher encourages the students to think about not only nutrition but making tasty foods for their family member.

Technique :

We needed to install a software called "Healthy Life" for the computer, FM-TOWNS. This software contains data-base for nutrition of many foods. Using the mouse, the students can easily find and manipulate data.

Société, society :

The students develop several menus with other students. When they have problems using the software, they help each other. Therefore, they learn the importance of cooperative work.

Culture :

Japanese people eat a variety of foods from different countries. The students may find out the nutrition of foreign meals.

Institution :

It was necessary to reserve the computer lab. Since two students made a group, the computers were needed for the half the number of students.

Logistique :

It was necessary for the teacher to ask parents to cooperate with the activity so that students could eat well-balanced meals.

Remarques, remarks :

The students learned the use of the data-base software, and they realized that it was easy to analyze data using computers.