The Secret of the Navel - Sex Education with Computer



Résumé, summary

Sex education is a difficult subject to teach. This multimedia software "The Secret of the Navel" was a helpful teaching tool in order to teach the difficult issue. The students learned about childbirth using the multimedia products. The teacher developed the multimedia program with come cartoon type pictures, animations, the students' photographs, and the parents' messages. He used the multimedia product during his lecture. He controlled the computer and showed appropriate screens to his students. First, the teacher showed an image picture which showed the link between an embryo and a mother's body by the umbilical cord. Then he encouraged the students to think about the role of theumbilical cord. Next, the teacher showed the animation about the change of the embryo for 10 months. The teacher also explained the students how carefully their parents spent every day when they were in their mothers' body. Finally, the teacher showed some mothers' faces and the first voice of the babies. He also showed the students their pictures of when they were babies. The students also listened to their parents' messages for them. The students learned about childbirth and realized how happy their parents were when they were born. They could develop their self-esteem during the activity.

Discipline, subject :

education physique Turnen und Sport physical education educazione fisica

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Sex education is one of the difficult subjects for teachers to teach. The teacher can use the multimedia software as an effective teaching tool for the difficult subject. The students can learn about childbirth smoothly with the multimedia software.

Apprentissage, learning :

Since the pictures used for the multimedia software were cartoon type pictures, it would be acceptable for even young students to see those pictures without having negative feelings. Moreover, the students could see their own photographs when they were born and listened to their parents voices through the computer. The students were motivated to learn about childbirth using the multimedia software.

Enseignement, teaching :

The teacher can use the multimedia products during his lecture. He can quickly choose some references which he wants to use, and prepare his lecture appropriately.

Technique :

We developed the multimedia program using a multimedia presentation tool, "Den," and a graphic software, "Towns Paint." We used a Fujitsu computer, a video card, a video camera, and a color image scanner. For the presentation, we used one big monitor in the classroom.

Société, society :

Culture :

Institution :

Since the multimedia product was used during the lecture, one set of multimedia equipment was located at the front of classroom. The teacher controlled the screen and showed the students pictures and animations.

Logistique :

The teacher needed to gather each student's picture of when he/she was a baby and to record the parents' messages in order to create the multimedia product.

Remarques, remarks :

The students realized the parents were really happy when they were born. This developed their self-esteem.