Making Presentation with Computer



Résumé, summary

The students in the classroom used the computers for preparing and making their presentations. The software called "ByHAND" was used for this activity. Using the software, the students can make charts and graphs, edit their products, and organize their thoughts easily. First, the teacher showed an example which was made by the software. Then this beautiful example motivated the students' learning. Next, the students formed groups and prepared for their presentations. They worked cooperatively during the activity. Since the software was easy to use, the students tried to use many functions without asking the teacher questions. Finally, the students successfully made their presentation using the computer. Although many students in the classroom previously had problems of expressing their thoughts in front of people, this activity helped them to develop and improve their presentation skills.

Discipline, subject :

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

The students are able to develop their language skills through the presentation activity. The students research some topics and use their reading and writing skills. Because the students have to explain something to others, they try to pay a great deal of attention to the accuracy of their language.

Apprentissage, learning :

The students can organize their thoughts using the computer when they prepare their presentations. They can make graphs and charts, edit their products easily with the computer. Therefore, they can learn the skills by trying to make a clear and attractive presentation.

Enseignement, teaching :

The teacher showed an example which was made by the presentation tool software. The students gained their motivation by watching the example. Since the students had a high motivation to make their presentation, they learned many functions of the software by themselves.

Technique :

We needed to install ByHard, a presentation tool software, in FM-TOWNS computers. Using the image scanner and the video card, the user can easily transfer photographs and pictures into the computer. This software is easy to use; therefore, the teacher does not need to be a specialist.

Société, society :

The students formed groups and worked on their topics. They worked cooperatively in order to prepare their presentation using the computer.

Culture :

Institution :

It was necessary to reserve the computer lab for the activity. Since the students tried to understand many functions of the software by themselves, the teacher did not need to teach details.

Logistique :

Remarques, remarks :

Japanese students are usually not good at making their presentation. However, the students in our classroom were greatly involved in preparing and making their presentations. The computer presentation tool might help the students to have positive attitudes toward making the presentation.