Music Story - Composing Music with Computers



Résumé, summary

Computers were used effectively in the music classroom. By using computers, even the 2nd grade students could compose music easily. First, the teacher showed a picture of a story and encouraged the students to write short poems. Next, the students made rhythm notes which could fit to their poems, and then input melodies. During this activity, the students chose a rhythm and chose an interval from examples on the computer screen using the mouse. Finally, they edited their products and saved them. Since they could load and save their products easily, They could edit their music over and over. The students enjoyed this activity very much. Although it was difficult to find appropriate rhythms and melodies at first, the students gradually felt that they were doing an interesting game.

Discipline, subject :

musique Musik music musica

Public :

primaire Primarschule primary school primario

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Computers can be used effectively in the music classroom. The students can compose music, make rhythms, make codes for some melody, and listen to some music using computers. Even young children can compose music easily using computers. They can develop their creativity during the activity.

Apprentissage, learning :

Young children have many different kinds of imagination by reading or listening to some stories. They can make short poems after reading some stories. Then they can make rhythms and melodies using computers. The young children enjoy this creative activity. They can develop not only their creativity but also positive attitudes toward computers.

Enseignement, teaching :

The teacher is just a guide for this music activity. The students compose music freely; therefore, the teacher needs to help them only when they have some problems with computers.

Technique :

We used a music software called "F-BASIC 386" on FM-TOWNS computers. We also needed mouse, synthesizers, and MIDI cards for this activity. The children input rhythms and melodies easily using the software. They also could save and load the music freely.

Société, society :

The students worked cooperatively for this music activity. They also shared their products with their peers and developed their self-confidence in the group.

Culture :

Institution :

It was necessary to reserve the computer lab for this activity. The teacher was readily available for the students' questions.

Logistique :

The students need to understand some basic musical notes.

Remarques, remarks :

The students can develop their creativity through composing music. Computers help make this activity easier and more enjoyable for the students.