Big Adventure at Heiwadai Park-Making a Picture Book Using Computer



Résumé, summary

The first grade students made stories about a field trip to Heiwadai Park. The software used for this activity was "ET-MULTI: Children's Story." This software was very easy to use even for young children. Four students who were interested in using computers received some lessons by the teacher. They became"mini-teachers" during the activity. The students made groups, and a "mini-teacher" became a leader of each group. During the activity, the teacher did not need to teach each functions of computers. The children explored and found many functions by themselves. The students developed not only the skill for using the computer but also good social skills.

Discipline, subject :

dessin Zeichnen drawing disegno

Public :

primaire Primarschule primary school primario

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

The first grade students can make stories using computers. During this activity, they develop their writing skills and learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in writing. They also learn the convenience of computer use because they can change their pictures, and save their production easily.

Apprentissage, learning :

Since the students enjoy drawing pictures, they can explore many functions of computers by themselves. This enjoyment motivates student learning.

Enseignement, teaching :

Four students who were interested in using computers received some lessons on the use of the software by the teacher. They became "mini-teachers" during the activity. Therefore, the teacher could develop a cooperative learning environment.

Technique :

We needed to install a multimedia software called "ET-MULTI: Children's Story" in Panacom M 500 or Pana CAL ET computers. The software can be used very easily even by the first-grade children.

Société, society :

The students made 4 groups during this activity. Each group had one "mini-teacher" who received some lessons from the teacher in advance. They worked cooperatively in order to make their stories using the computer. They developed their social skills very well.

Culture :

Institution :

The students used the computer lab for this activity. The teacher was only a helper in case that the students had any problems or questions.

Logistique :

Remarques, remarks :

One of the objectives of using computers at schools is "to familiarize the students with computer use." Since most of the young children like drawing pictures, they can also enjoy drawing pictures using computers. Therefore, they feel that computer activities are very enjoyable.