Let's Make a Melody Album



Résumé, summary

The students composed music pleasantly using computers. Without having some knowledge of music structures, the students could input sounds freely using the electric organ which was connected to the computer. The students input several different melodies using the organ and found an appropriate melody which could meet their image. If they could not find it, they input some more melodies. They also listened to the melodies which they made, and edited those. Then the students input some codes and tried many instrument sounds which could fit their melodies. The students composed music individually, and then cooperatively gathered their melodies to make a piece of music.

Discipline, subject :

musique Musik music musica

Public :

primaire Primarschule primary school primario

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Kominami, Ryo

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

The students need some knowledge about rhythms and sounds in order to compose music. However, it is necessary for elementary school students to express their feelings rather than having complex knowledge during composition time. The music activity with computers help the students to compose music pleasantly.

Apprentissage, learning :

The students can input some melodies using an organ and edit them easily. The students can express their wide imagination through this activity. They can understand characteristics of some phrases and a total balance of the music using the computer.

Enseignement, teaching :

The students taught each other when they had any problems with the computer. Therefore, the teacher did not to teach the use of the computer. However, the teacher could encourage the students to use some functions of the software which could help their activity more appropriately.

Technique :

We used Macintosh LC computers and a music software called "CONCERTWARE." We also used the MIDI interface and electric organs. The students input some sounds either through playing the electric organ or by clicking the mouse.

Société, society :

The students taught each other during the computer activity. They composed music individually and also composed music in groups.

Culture :

Institution :

We needed 7 Macintosh computers and 7 electric organs for the activity. Four to five students shared one computer and one organ. The teacher was always available for the students' questions.

Logistique :

Remarques, remarks :

The students can express themselves while composing music. Using the computer, they can enjoy composing music without studying details of music structures.