Talking Year Book



Résumé, summary

Making a year book is a very common activity for 6th grade students in Japan. Before the students graduate from their elementary school, they and their teacher put a lot of efforts for making the book. The year book usually contains the students' photographs and their essay. As a graduation project, we decided to use the Macintosh computer to make the multimedia year book. The students learned the importance of cooperative work, experienced the enjoyment of expressing themselves, and developed their originality of making products. Since the students tried to make a book, they work cooperatively. They helped each other when someone had some problems using the software or some devices. The students also enjoyed expressing themselves using the computer. Since they can input not only texts but also photographs and video easily, they showed their high motivation during the activity. Moreover, since this activity allowed the students to design the screens freely, each student expressed himself/herself using a variety of ideas.

Discipline, subject :

Japanese arts japanese language japonais

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Multimedia activities involve a great deal of work for the learner. Since the students explain about themselves through the activity, they tried to use different forms of information carefully. Furthermore, the teacher also joins the activity. Therefore, the teacher is also a member of the learners in the classroom.

Apprentissage, learning :

While making the multimedia program, the students can input many kinds of information freely. It is not necessary for them to plan the program carefully in advance. Therefore, the students can keep their high motivation for making the product. This motivation helps the students learn new techniques in using computers.

Enseignement, teaching :

Each learner is an active member for the multimedia activity. Although the teacher needs to teach several skills for using the software, the students can solve many problems with other students.

Technique :

Macintosh computers, Hyper Card, a scanner, a still camera, and a still video player were used for this activity. The students sometimes needed their teacher's help when they tried to use these devices. However, most students could master the use of these devices easily.

Société, society :

This multimedia activity involves a great deal of cooperative work. The students make one book together. The students help each other during this activity.

Culture :

Institution :

It was necessary to reserve computer lab for this activity. Since each student inputs a great amount of information, it is preferable that one computer is provided to one student.

Logistique :

The students need to prepare information which can be input the computer. For example, the students' essay, pictures, and photographs are used for the multimedia activity.

Remarques, remarks :

The students find that the computer can be used for expressing themselves. They could keep their high motivation toward the activity.