Résumé, summary

There is not much "fun" with this particular package, but students find it useful and challenging.

Discipline, subject :

anglais Englisch English Inglese english language

Public :

cycle d'orientation Sek I, BWK lower high school ciclo d'orientamento

Contacts :

McAdam, Maurice

6, ch. de la Seymaz

Tel : 349.71.60
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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Apprentissage, learning :

pupils are required to reconstruct a text after having read / studied it in advance. They become acquainted with the elementary rules of syntax.

Enseignement, teaching :

Technique :

Société, society :

Culture :

Institution :

one simply types in the text in "authoring mode" in advance and gives it to the students in the computer lab.

Logistique :

it is not even necessary for the students to have studied the text before the lesson. They can study it on the screen.

Remarques, remarks :

the "See your score" option is very useful. Students can see the number of times they have "cheated" (i.e. looked at the original) in order to complete the text.