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An unusual approach to the study of reading. By pressing on the spacebar the students get more information about the text, whose subject they have to guess. But the more they press on the spacebar, the more points they lose. The object of the exercise is to guess what the text is about without losing all one's points.

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anglais Englisch English Inglese english language

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cycle d'orientation Sek I, BWK lower high school ciclo d'orientamento

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McAdam, Maurice

6, ch. de la Seymaz

Tel : 349.71.60
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pupils read a short text on the screen and try to guess which of a series of subjects (also on the screen) the text relates to.

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this is a fun approach to reading. The program in authoring mode can also be used by the students themselves to write short texts which can then be submitted (the following week) to other students.