What is Tax?



Résumé, summary

The teacher and the students developed a CAI software cooperatively. The students also used the CAI software for their study the tax system. First, each group of students researched each topic of the tax system. Then the teacher and the students developed the CAI software using software called "Hyper Cube." There were 6 topics in the CAI software; (1) consumption tax, (2) inheritance tax and gift tax, (3) income tax and corporation tax, (4) residence tax, (5) fixed property tax, and (6) automobile tax. Since neither seats nor computers were assigned, the students could move freely to use different topics of the CAI software. They also could use the telephone service for tax information and could use books or other references for their study.

Discipline, subject :

sciences humaines Humanistik social sciences/humanities scienze humane humanities social sciences sciences sociales

Public :

cycle d'orientation Sek I, BWK lower high school ciclo d'orientamento

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Learning about tax is very difficult even for adults because there are many kinds of taxes in a country. If a topic of study is very abstract and broad like the topic of tax, the students can research only some limited portion of it in a short period of time. However, using computers, they can share their information easily. Therefore, computers can be used effectively for this kind of topic.

Apprentissage, learning :

Although the students study the same topic, they use different ways of approaching the topic. This CAI activity allows them to go at their own pace. The students can also start from a section in which they are more interested.

Enseignement, teaching :

The students make groups and gather some information to be used for producing the CAI software. The role of the teacher is an organizer for this activity. After finishing the production of the CAI software, the students explore the CAI software freely.

Technique :

We used a software called "Hyper Cube" for the PC type computers. We produced the CAI program using the software.

Société, society :

The students made groups in order to research the topic. They developed their social skills during the research activity.

Culture :

Institution :

We did not assign either seats or computers for the students when they used the CAI software. The students could move freely in the classroom. Therefore, the teacher could find each student's special interest and understanding.

Logistique :

It is recommended that the students be informed about some basic concepts of the tax system in advance. In this classroom, the teacher explained the tax system on cigarettes at the beginning of the activity.

Remarques, remarks :

The students learned that the computer was one of the effective tools for their researches. They developed the skills of using information very well.