Mathematics functions



Résumé, summary

This program provides a simple way to draw the graphic of a function (eg: sen(x)). There is a small introduction, in which is explained the idea of the function. There can be 200 functions in use, and saved for each time, and five can be drawn simultaneously, therefore they can be easily compared. The size and accuracy of the graphic can be changed, allowing a better understanding. The user can introduce new functions, or edit the ones that already exist.

Discipline, subject :

mathématiques Mathematik mathematics matematica

Public :

postobligatoire Weiterführende Schulen upper high school postobligatorio

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Romana, Pedro

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

This program forces the student to simplify the function before introducing it in the computer, so it involves some work by the student, then, alone or with the teacher, he can compare and reach for his own conclusions and a better understanding of the subject.

Apprentissage, learning :

It is easier to get the attention of the student if he is sitting in front of a computer seeing the graphics grow, they learn better the concept of the graphical representation, and all the details that are harder to explain.

Enseignement, teaching :

Using a computer to teach is a challenging experience, the teacher can use a new instrument that really helps to understand the subject. It's easier to get good results.

Technique :

To use this program, the computer must have a 3.5 disk drive, and a graphical card (vga). (It's easier to use if a 'mouse' is available).

Société, society :

Usually, several students have to work on the same computer, therefore it allows group work.

Culture :

It gives the student a chance to improve his knowledge about computers and the 'world' of the new technologies, that are so important in today's world, and how to make them work for us, and with us.

Institution :

It was necessary to reserve the computer lab for use with groups of the class concerned. The teacher needs to be able to help students with the computers.

Logistique :

Remarques, remarks :

Although there is a lot of work involved for the teacher, the positive aspects of the experience is very rewarding.