Our Future High School - Multimedia Presentation



Résumé, summary

The students created a multimedia product,"Our Future High School," during the activity. The students made a questionnaire in order to find out which information was needed for selecting the high schools. Then they picked up the important information from the school catalogues of many high schools. They designed screens and links of the multimedia product. We used the multimedia software called "TownsGEAR" for the FM-TOWNS computer. The students drew pictures and typed texts easily. They also input some music data from system CD, and recorded their own voices. Moreover, some high school students who graduated from the junior high school also recorded their voices and gave some messages. This activity helped the students develop the skills of selecting and organizing many different types of information.

Discipline, subject :

special activity informatique Informatik computing/computer science informatica computing computer science activités spéciales

Public :

cycle d'orientation Sek I, BWK lower high school ciclo d'orientamento

Contacts :

Sudou, Wataru

Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology, 6-35-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjyuku-ku

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Fax : 03-3269-5232

Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Multimedia activities involve a great deal of work for the students. The students select necessary references and organize them using the multimedia software. The teacher is no longer an instructor during the activity, and the students can spontaneously create a multimedia program.

Apprentissage, learning :

The students have to select important references in order to make the multimedia products. Moreover, they try to design appropriate screens and links for the user. Therefore, they develop the skills for organizing and presenting information.

Enseignement, teaching :

The students can spontaneously work on the multimedia activities. Although the teacher can provide some important information to the students, he/she needs to encourage the students to think how they can organize the information appropriately.

Technique :

We used a multimedia software called "TownsGEAR" on the FM-TOWNS computers. The students can draw pictures with a mouse, type texts, input some music data from system CD, and record and play some sounds. They can also easily input still pictures form the video camera.

Société, society :

The students developed the multimedia products cooperatively. They also met some graduates and interviewed them.

Culture :

Institution :

We reserved the computer lab for the activity. The teacher was readily available for the students' questions.

Logistique :

The graduates of the junior high school needed to agree to be interviewed and to cooperate with our students.

Remarques, remarks :

There is a great variety of information in our society . The students learned the skills of selecting important information and organizing it.