Telecommunication in the Classroom



Résumé, summary

Telecommunication is one of the important uses of computers. We decided to make a telecommunication simulation software for students' practice. The students communicated with each other in the classroom using computers. Since they had just started to study English, they used only basic sentences and words. This telecommunication activity affected students' learning. First, their motivation toward English learning became higher. They sometimes taught each other English during the activity. Next, their motivation of mastering key typing became also higher. Finally, they found that the computer could be used for communication. Because these students had only CAI or Game experiences with computers, their view of the computers was changed after the activity.

Discipline, subject :

anglais Englisch English Inglese english language

Public :

cycle d'orientation Sek I, BWK lower high school ciclo d'orientamento

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Telecommunication activities help students develop their language skills. Although this activity is a simulation of doing telecommunication to foreign countries, the students tried to communicate with the other students using correct English. The teacher can also be a member of the telecommunication group.

Apprentissage, learning :

The members' responses through telecommunication motivate the students' writing and reading activities. The student who is not good at speaking English can communicate with another person using telecommunication without any fear.

Enseignement, teaching :

The teacher needs to encourage students to communicate with many students in the classroom. He may provide a handout of some basic sentences and vocabularies which can be used for the activity.

Technique :

We made a simple telecommunication simulation software. For the use of this software, we needed to have two PC computers and one RE-232C cable.

Société, society :

The students enjoy communicating with other students using computers. The students sometimes teach English each other during this activity.

Culture :

Students found the importance of language.

Institution :

If there are two computers and one cable, this activity can be done. The teacher needs to be available for help and for questions.

Logistique :

The students need to be able to communicate in basic English.

Remarques, remarks :

Although the students do not have enough English skills, they can practice this activity in the classroom.