Résumé, summary

ISTMAIL 2.0 is an attempt to give teachers and students the possibility of using telematics for teaching and learning purposes. With FirstClass we found a software standard which combines a very comfortable user interface, a high standard of technical possibilities and all that for a reasonable price. We have got a lot of experiences how to implement telecommunication in a school system. One of them is, that providing information which is relevant for the teachers' work as a professional educator is much more important than giving him the possibility to "surf" in a world wide information sphere. On the other hand, telematics is a possibility to show students that they live in a "village world". That means the possibilty of cross cultural learning as well as the access to updated information. Sharing experiences between teachers of different schools, the access to a small collection of teaching and learning software and to information sources which are important for teachers' daily work are the main goals of this project. keywords: telecommunication, telematics

Discipline, subject :

télématique telematics

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Since 1989 IST offers a telecommunication system to all schools in the province of Upper Austria. A complete redesign of our system was done in 1993/94. The aims were an optimal user interface, new and relevant areas of contents and getting experiences in all logistic aspects of wide telecommunication projects with schools.

Apprentissage, learning :

ISTMAIL supports both apsects, learning by and learning about telecommunication. Students can access the system, too, but only by guest status.

Enseignement, teaching :

We try to help teachers by giving them access to updated information. In most cases the information material is prepared by us. Because of the new technical standard we are able to share infomation material with other telecommunication systems in Austria via internet.

Technique :

As a server we use a fast MacIntosh machine with FirstClass Server Software. Clients can reach the system either by using an ordinary telnet software or the FirstClass Client software, which is provided by us. This can be done via telefon line, PADLnet (our local network) or via INTERNET. (

Société, society :

We try to establish ISTMAIL as a communication tool, that allows teachers to share their experiences and help each other.

Culture :

We consider Telematics as the communication and information medium of the future. If school wants to remain the leading educational institution in our society, we have to deal with its possibilities.

Institution :

The whole management of ISTMAIL 2.0 (installation, training, user and information management) is done by our institute. This project was financially supported by the Austrian Ministery of education (Dept. II/12).

Logistique :

Hard- and software for a FirstClass Server and the client software, which can be distibuted for free, are easy to get. But what you need first is a team of teachers who are willing to put information into the system.

Remarques, remarks :

We are now working to connect ISTMAIL with internet. (Mailing, gopher, news groups).