Introduction - Technical Informatics



Résumé, summary

My success in a nutshell: 'Learning by practice' is a thread throughout the teaching material. The use of software that provides a surplus value. The building-up of a lesson: start simple. The use of programs that give quick results. I chose for this method of working because of the following reasons: Attractive way of learning. Possibility to visualize concepts. Results that become quickly visible. Advantage to the pupils: Limited efforts - top results. Inviting way of teaching. Recognizability of the teaching material during the continuation of the lessons. Advantage to the teacher: Pupils who advance their interest in the subject while working. The prospect to align a teaching method. The addition of surplus value to the existing teaching material. Differentiation throughout the teaching material. Results: Pupils have a better understanding of the lessons which will follow. Pupils attain better results. Pupils continue to be motivated or become motivated.

Discipline, subject :

techniques industrielles Industrietechnik industrial techniques tecniche industriali

Public :

enseignement spécialisé Sonderschulen specialized training insegnamento speziale

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Helms, Wim

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

Pupils become familiar with examples of the teaching material. No presentation of IT as something futuristic.

Apprentissage, learning :

Pupils work with themes from the series of lessons by means of computer programs. During the lessons, pupils learn to use the computer and the programs that they are to work with independently later in the year.

Enseignement, teaching :

Targets: - Provision of insight into teaching material. - Understanding technical applications of Informatics. - Understanding the working of computer controlled processes. - Knowledge of concepts on modern techniques - Knowledge of programming instructions. Activities: Alignment of the use of separate programs. Presenting teaching material as attractive as possible. Presenting teaching material at a level comprehensible to pupils. Treatment of theory in concise units. Supervising progress during exercises and work with the programs available. Offering assistance to weak pupils during exercises with teaching material, which will be attained through the scheming of lessons and giving room to differentiate within the teaching material. Teaching material: Technical Informatics (book: in Dutch) / SMD Measuring and controlling (hand-out: in Dutch) / Mekkelholt The Cintech Interface (hand-out: in Dutch) / Boorsma Festo PLC FPC 202 (hand-out: in Dutch) / Boorsma TIBBLTO and forms for completion (lab-manual: in Dutch) / Helms

Technique :

Hardware: All computers are provided with 286/386 processors, VGA, and hard disc. TIBBLTO - Technical Informatics inventory includes: Robot arm Pallet stack Cintech material Lego Robotica Lazy-control components Programs: Basic Cryptography / Public domain Labyrinth / Public domain Cintech Grafical Interface / Boorsma, Lunteren Measuring and Controlling / Mekkelholt, Oldenzaal Lazy-control / Brink, Heerde Introduction to Controlling / PTH (Technical University of Eindhoven) Introduction to System Automation / PTH (Technical University of Eindhoven) DrawPerfect presentations and drawings / WP

Société, society :

Culture :

Logistic and institutional aspects (management): A cross-curricular syllabus in the third year. The availability of a sufficient amount of computers, and input and output devices in a classroom suitable to the lessons to be given. Room within the timetable. The purchase of programs for all levels. The school board supports the informatics policy by means of money and time.

Institution :

Logistique :

Stimulation through: - Computer use during the lessons. - Presenting theoretical teaching material by means of computer presentations. - Logical composition of the teaching material. - Simplicity of the teaching material. - Attractiveness of the teaching material. - Adjustment of the teaching material to a level comprehensible to individual pupils.

Remarques, remarks :

During my classes in Technical Informatics, it turned out again and again that I needed a plain manner to teach pupils concepts about this subject. The existing teaching method proved much too theoretical to many pupils. I decided to put together a number of lessons with which the pupils are to use software that they can also use in the lessons of this year. When I arranged the teaching material, I considered which existing programs were available. Very simple public domain software was suitable too. (A BBS often brings help.) The use of programs that we also use during the continuation of the TIBBLTO classes is emphasized in these lessons. Using software stimulates the pupils with their learning processes. Preference is given to 'learning by practice' and 'visualization' of concepts.