The Weather Where I Live



Résumé, summary

Data collection of temperature and a sketch of the student's house are necessary before computer class. Adjustments are made for the level of students. 1. Students may sketch a picture of the outside of their home with the help of parents if needed. Older students may estimate or calculate the proportions of the structure. 2. Students will design/create/draw a picture of their home from an outside view. Included in this picture will be an accurate indication of the weather using Kid Pix or ClarisWorks. 3. Students will collect 5 days of high and low temperatures using newspaper or television and create a graph on ClarisWorks. 4. Students will then write a description of their home. 5. Picture, graph and description will be printed by student.

Discipline, subject :

sciences Naturwissenschaft sciences scienze social studies telematics mathématiques Mathematik mathematics matematica études sociales télématique

Public :

primaire Primarschule primary school primario cycle d'orientation Sek I, BWK lower high school ciclo d'orientamento

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Pédagogie, pedagogy :

The students will draw the outside of their house and write a description. This includes a description of the weather and temperature from data collected for one week. Weather data will be graphed.

Apprentissage, learning :

Depending on the level and age of the students, mathematics will be used to estimate the dimension of their house. Geometric knowledge is enhanced through architecture. Graphic design is developed and science data is collected and displayed on a graph.

Enseignement, teaching :

The classroom teacher will instruct students about how to collect data on their homes and assist with data collection of weather and temperature. The Instructional Technology Specialist will teach about word processing, drawing , and graphing software and the transference of data to computer, i.e. architectural scale.

Technique :

Use of ClarisWorks for word processing and graphing. Kid Pix for drawing. Newspaper or TV data collection of weather and temperature.

Société, society :

Parents will assist students with data collection at home. Students will cooperatively research weather and temperature data.

Culture :

Many different types of houses will be displayed. A discussion of the different types of housing in our city and how it may vary with where one lives.

Institution :

Classroom teachers will compile information about weather and measurement before coming to computer lab. Students come to the Macintosh computer lab twice weekly. This project generally takes 4-6 class periods.

Logistique :

The students may need help at home for more accurate measurement of the building structure. Students must be prepared with data and have previous instruction/practice with software. Computers and software available for each student. CD-ROM capability.

Remarques, remarks :

More information could be shared about international housing.