Gap-fill exercise

Use the appropriate tenses. Fill in the blanks using the word(s) in brackets. Make sure you put the words in the correct order when there is more than one word, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Madeleine Dupont is still alive in 2003 !

Last October, at the age of 120 years and 283 days Madeleine Dupont (become)

the oldest person on record, winning herself a place in the Guinness Book
of Records. Now she (live) in a small old people’s home in Arles in the South

of France. Her doctor (describe) her as being more like a 90-year-old in

good health than someone of 120. On her 120th birthday she said that God (forget / probably)

all about her.

The lawyer who (buy) her house when she was 80 under an

agreement that he would pay her an annual amount of money until her death (must / be)

very disappointed today because he (pay) three

times the value of the house since 1983. Moreover, if Madeleine (die) next

year, nobody (buy) it because it is far too expensive.

Madeleine (be) born in February 1882. She (meet)

Vincent van Gogh in 1889 when she was 7. The Dutch artist, who (live)

in Arles at that time, (come) into her father’s shop (buy)

some coloured pencils.
So what (do / she) to keep fit ? She (eat / always)

healthy food. She also (use / do) stretching

exercises everyday until she (break) her hip at the age of 115. But

Madeleine Dupont (seem / have) inherited very good genes: her father

(live) to the age of 94 and her mother to 86.

Although many people (claim) to be older than Madeleine, they

(not / can / prove) it. However, most scientists think that the number

of centenarians (increase) sharply in the future.