Gap-fill exercise

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meeting - faithfully - price list - range - grant - call on - catalogue - enclosing - sincerely - inquiry - deliver - offer - require - advertisement

Dear Mr Scott

Many thanks for your of 5 May. We are interested to hear that you saw our in the « Camera Review », and appreciate your interest in our DERVIEW products.

We are our Terms of Business, together with details of our discounts and our for the complete range of DERVIEW products. As you will see, we special terms for orders of the value you mention.

I will be in Geneva myself on 17 May and will be happy to you at any time in the afternoon. Perhaps you would like to let me know whether this is convenient. I will, of course, bring the complete of DERVIEW samples, which are described in the we are sending you today.

I am looking forward to you.


terms - faulty - letter - offer - sincerely - confirm - within - supply - faithfully - stock - delivery- after - require - by

Dear Sirs

We thank you for your of 31 January, and can our telephone conversation of yesterday, in which we informed you that we can only 50 of the 75 refrigerators from As for the of the remaining 25, we would approximately three extra weeks.

Prices as quoted in the enclosed
Packing in wooden cases.
Delivery as specified above.
Payment 15 days of date of invoice.

We hope your client will find our and delivery dates satisfactory, and we can assure you that you may count on our full cooperation and attention in this matter.

Yours .