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Diploma 2003

Tenses 2003

Vocabulary 2003

Business Vocabulary 2003


Diploma 2002

:Tenses 2002

Structures 2002

Vocabulary 2002



Diploma 1997:

Tenses 1997

Structures 1997

Vocabulary 1997 (Busines English)

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Headway Beginner --- Headway Elementary ---Headway Pre-Intermediate --- Headway Intermediate ---

English on-line : Cours d'anglais en ligne : cours et exercices

Grammar Tutorial (Excellent pour exercer la grammaire)


Business letter writing ---- Business letter practice ---- L'anglais des affaires : Business English Glossary ---- (Document to download)


THE PASSIVE VOICE ---- Le passif ----- Exercise and key ----- Le passif ----- Exercises ---- Exercises ---Exercises ----


Practice your language skills ! Exercises 1 Exercises 2
    Exercises 3 Exercises 4
La grammaire expliquée en français   Exercises 5 Exercises 6
La grammaire expliquée en français   Exercises 7 Nonstopenglish
    ESL Resources for Students Ohio University ESL page great !
EYE ON GRAMMAR : All the grammar !!   Interactive English Practice Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English : interactive, with music ESL Blue(s)

Listening Resources :

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab Real English Interactive Video Online The English Listening Lounge BBC World Service
  ----> Anglais facile.com    


Another link collection
World Radio Geneva: Music and news live

Tribune de Genève : The English Corner

Practice your language skills ! Activities 4 ESL students
Ohio University ESL page great !   Interactive Quizzes
The Englih Specialist - exercises etc : Choose Language Practice   English-Zone  
Hot Potatoes on-line exercises  
Interesting Things for ESL Students
A fun study site for students of English as a Second Language
TexToys- Exercises   Interactive English Practice
EYE ON GRAMMAR : All the grammar !!
Karin's ESL PartyLand
The Quiz Center
    GRAMMAIRE ANGLAISE: explications en français
Exercises for all the grammar points     EXERCICES INTERACTIFS EN ANGLAIS
Grammar for Beginning Level English Learners   Learnenglish : This site is for beginning (1) and intermediate (2) learners of English.
There are more than 400 exercises and games!


ESL WEB for learners and teachers of English as a second language Resources to learn English  
The ESL Quiz Center Interactive ESLPractice    
Fun with verbs - Flash Quizzes for ESL Students   E. L. Easton - English  
The Grammar Aquarium
Web site for Beginner Level ESL / EFL English Learning
How to write e-mails